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/ Product ICT – Fiber Accessories

Fiber Accessories

Easy to use. Handy. Do the job.
- Ideal for field repairs
- High quality
- Quick and effective click cleaners
- High quality active components
- CE & RoHs Certificate

The Visual Fault Locator supplied by FSquared is designed to identify and locate fiber failures in a very quick and simple way.

With strong penetrating laser, leakage points can be clearly seen through 3mm PVC Jacket. It can be widely used in the areas of fiber network installation and fiber devices and accessories manufacturing and testing.

It supports both pulsed and CW operations featuring long battery life and slim pocket size rugged design.

FSquared One-Click Fiber Optic Cleaner supports a wide range of different types of fiber connectors – SC, FC, ST, MU and LC(Φ1.25mm). It cleans the ferrule end face removing dust, oil, and other debris without scratching the end face.

Ordering Information

Visual Fault LocatorVFL1M251mw, 2.5mm universal adapter Visual Fault Locator
AdapterVFL-Adpt-0125Adapter 2.5mm to 1.25mm
VFL + AdapterVFL1M25/1251mw, 2.5mm universal adapter Visual Fault Locator with 1.25mm Adapter
Click Cleaner 2.5mmFCC-1C-25Fiber Click Cleaner for 2.5mm fiber
Click Cleaner 1.25mmFCC-1C-125Fiber Click Cleaner for 1.25mm fiber
Senko Smart Probe Fiber InspectorFV-SENKO-SMARTPROBEFiber Inspector to be used with Smart Phone (Phone Not Supplied)
FC-PC-F, 2.50mm FC Female, In-AdapterFV-SENKO-FC-FEMFC-PC-F, 2.50mm FC Female, In-Adapter
LC-PC-Female, In-AdapterFV-SENKO-LC-FEMLC-PC-Female, In-Adapter
2.50mm, APC-MaleFV-SENKO-SCAPC-MALE2.50mm, APC-Male
SC-APC-Female, In-AdapterFV-SENKO-SCAPC-FEMSC-APC-Female, In-Adapter